Our Story


The Art of Living At VIPEK,
we believe that organizing and displaying clothes is not only the daily life but aIso an attitude towards beauty and an art of living. That is why we are committed to providing high-quality and elegant clothing racks.

Join us in creating a wonderful closet space with VIPEK.


Warehouse Locations

With our warehouse located in California, Illinois, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, we take care of the inventory management for our products.

CA Warehouse.webp__PID:fd92b924-22a5-41db-9536-e9ed0da72e9c

CA Warehouse
2900 MacArthur Dr, STE 150, Tracy
CA 95376

IL Warehouse.webp__PID:92b92422-a5e1-4b95-b6e9-ed0da72e9c8c

IL Warehouse
460 Gibraltar Drive, Bolingbrook, IL 60440

MS Warehouse.webp__PID:b92422a5-e1db-4536-a9ed-0da72e9c8c68

MS Warehouse
8835 Commerce Dr, Suite 103
MS 38671

PA Warehouse.webp__PID:2422a5e1-db95-46e9-ad0d-a72e9c8c680b

PA Warehouse
7185 Ambassador Dr, Allentown
PA 18106


Our Lovely Staff


Building a team of achievers is one sure-fire way to really get things done. Being smart and skilled is one thing, but a team member who can successfully plan and execute tasks to a high standard is extremely important. Having go-getters on your team helps to accelerate growth, fuels ideas and keeps things moving.

It’s easy to find someone skilled, smart, talented and has a good resume, but a good attitude is gold. It’s not easily found, and cannot be taught. For me, the perfect employee is someone who is really smart, but is also humble. They still follow rules, accept mistakes and respect others.

— Ben, Founder, ViPEK

Multi-Channel Sales

We successfully advertise our products on multiple platforms and maintain top-rated healthy seller accounts, which keep customers drawn to our products. We are continually expanding our customer base as we add more sales channels.

VIPEK Amazon.jpg__PID:9c8c680b-d88e-4cdb-a6b1-c7f3e692b6f7
VIPEK Walmart.jpg__PID:680bd88e-ccdb-46b1-87f3-e692b6f71b30
VIPEK Wayfair.jpg__PID:d88eccdb-26b1-47f3-a692-b6f71b30fb48